Jan. 17th, 2010


Jan. 17th, 2010 10:56 am
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Remember that shower stall that pulled out of the wall when D. tried to slide one of the door panels open last week? The one where the repairmen bolted it back in and left a bathroom full of crud and a drain full of screws and where the landlady admonished me to be more careful next time? Yeah, that one.  The sliding doors hadn't been sliding too well since then, and when finally slid as close together as possible there was still a biggish gap between them that was conveniently located where the shower spray flies. I was struggling with it this morning, trying to get the doors shut and trying to prevent the water from jetting out into the bathroom when I noticed a key detail that I hadn't noticed before. The fuckers hadn't actually reattached the top left side of the sliding frame to the wall frame so the door was inevitably hanging at a slightly off angle-- which is why it wasn't closing and why there was a freaking gap. I mean, seriously, guys, repair dudes, seriously-- when you put a shower stall back together, REATTACH THE FREAKING DOOR SLIDE FRAME TO THE MAIN FRAME!

In other news, I made a lovely latte this morning using two shots of espresso and hot milk steeped with the cinnamon and vanilla sticks I'd brought back from that market in Bali. Nomnomnom.


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