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Birthdate:Sep 13
Part 1 (Spring 2004). Apparently I am an English teacher, stranded somewhere in the middle of turkey. This blog-of-sorts will be the story of my journey from this backwater 2-horse megalopolous to the cosmopolitan pubs and cafes of Istanbul.

Part 2. (Spring 2005) Update: In Istanbul for one year, buffeted against the shores of the Bosporus and Marmara by all sorts of freaky winds of change. Uprooting my life yet again, possibly. Such a masochist!

Part 3. (Winter 2005) Update: In Istanbul for second year, perched on Apple Mountain and regularly rolling down to Dolapere, fully uprooted yet again.

Part 4. (Autumn 2006) Update: Very much in transition yet again, moving to yet another flat in yet another part of Istanbul (in Tunel, this time), to yet another job. It all keeps changing. A few months of non-working are in order to ease the popping synapses: side journeys: Switzerland, Dubai, Oman...

Part 5. (Summer 2007) Update: Moved yet again, both in job and in location. Geographically towards Deliverance (aka Kurtulus), jobbily towards less teaching and more...other stuff. This season presents a wholly empty flat with a big balcony and lots of windows, which must be filled with good things and no more of the previous nonsense and garbage. Only goodness will be allowed in this time. I'm fed up with other people's crap.

Part 6. Hey, look! I'm in China!

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