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The sun has reared its sunny head and inexplicably Shanghai is suddenly warming up and brightening up. I should note as a reminder that just two days ago we were having intermittent blizzards throughout the day. Coming home after sleepy after-work cocktails with Koan on Tuesday night at Tara 57 at the embassy end of Fuxing Lu, I hopped in a cab just as it started yet another 5 minute whiteout. At one corner on Wulumuqi Lu, a young boy came out of his family's shoebox veggie shop and stood at the edge of the sidewalk staring up at the swirling flakes, with one hand casually tucked into his unzipped tracksuit bottoms to aim his nonchalant stream of dreamy pee away from the taxi wheels. By the time I got home, the blizzard (and it was indeed a blizzard) was finished. Any dustings of snow that had stuck quickly melted and the skies parted as if nothing had happened. Shanghai is always in a hurry. It has a short memory.

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Date: 2010-03-11 06:21 am (UTC)
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It's true. Shanghai seemed to me, when I was there, to be a very restless city. My friend and I stayed at a backpackers that used to be a colonial five star hotel. It had high ceilings and echoing floors and seemed fit for ghosts. Even then, it was an uneasy aging process, like it would be bulldozed any moment.


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