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 At the airport, waiting for my flight. They have lovely strong free wifi here so I needn't steal it.  I've been patted down and grilled lightly and my bags have been swabbed for explosive residue and thoroughly unpacked and searched and repacked and now I'm hanging out at a wavy bar in the food court, nursing a fucking enormous coffee, with a surprisingly yummy Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich in my tummy (my last gasp at being Canadian).  I'm trying to figure out what I ought to buy to ensure that I have something to eat on the flight other than the terrifying pork floss in aspic that I was served last time. I'm very open minded about food (remember, I'm well versed in the nuances of pig cheek and chicken feet and jellyfish and whatnot, thanks to the banquets my students have lavished on me) but that lukewarm pork floss in aspic was the last straw. I may grab a subway sandwich to take on. 

Further to my rant about paper cups yesterday, I should add that I am now the proud holder of a venti-sized paper cup full of dark roast,  poured before I remembered you couldn't get mugs in a food court. I am a hypocritical tree killer today, yes. However, the most annoying part of it is that the cup and cup sleeve have long tracts of text on them telling me how it's all recycled and helping Conservation International and whatnot (see photo- sorry about the Mac reverse-imaging) so I really ought to pat myself on the back for saving the whole world through my excessive consumption. Yay me.


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