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My high school button collection (partial). From my bags and hats. Guess my political leanings. Circa 1989-1992.

Click to embiggen.

My mid-90s first travel odd and ends

In this one, you can find:

1. A real live 10 Deutschmark note (paid to me by an annoying travelling companion in 1994 who was caught without a ticket on the Paris metro and I had to pay her fine. She repaid me in the only currency she had on her.)

2. A matchbook from Neachtain's pub in Galway, 1994 or 1995. 

3. A slide of an art expo in Shanghai, 1998, from my old Chinese Revolutionary Art professor

4. My nursing ID badge from when I used to work in the Alzheimers wards in London Care Homes (blond!) from around 1997-1999

5. A snipped off length of my wrapped hair, from Galway 1994, when I had very long hair with many hippy accoutrements. I used to wrap hair in the hostels for 5 pounds a pop. Paid for my Guinness in the evenings.

6. Ditto for the woven bracelets, which went for 3 pounds each. Good for a pair of Super Mac's veggie burgers.

7. Laura Palmer, wrapped in plastic, circa 1992, when we were young and painfully ironic

8. A tram ticket from Prague, 1998, possibly unused.

9. A matchbook from Java Coffeehouse here in Victoria, long, long, long defunct. They had excellent Mexican hot chocolate and very good live music.

10. A cryptic note about Prague (Prog) found in a long-dead wallet. No idea who wrote it or why. Probably 1992, as it feels like the era when we wrote short stories and bad poetry about such places.

11. Drawing pencils for an Old Skool mechanical pencil, from back when I used to use fountain pens with bladder cartridges and ink jars and mechanical pencils and carried around thick sketchbooks. I used to draw a lot.

12. Ticket to a Jeff Buckley gig in a small club in Vancouver, around 1995 1994. He walked right past me and my beer on the way to the stage. 
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