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 So I've got my time zones all in a tizzy and have slept from lunch til midnight, waking with a dreaded realization that Day 2 back home will be much the same as Day 1- which is, basically, nocturnal.  Those 16 hours time differences are harder to deal with than the 8-10 hour ones I'd thought I'd mastered after a decade and a half in Europe and Asia Minor. This is seriously messed up.

It's 2 in the morning and I am drinking coffee from a coffee maker that is three times bigger than the one we had in Shanghai. I had to stop and think before I scooped out the coffee into the filter.  I heated up a tin of Dynomite Hot!! chili and checked my email (nobody loves me)and petted Lola for a while. I washed the pot in a sink twice the size of any sink I've had in a flat my whole adult life (with a built in dish soap pump!). I keep forgetting the minutiae of details of life here when I'm Away and they creep up on me, neither good nor bad- just different. I shouldn't be surprised because they are small and tedious details but at 2am they do stop me in my tracks momentarily. I bought a stack of cheap and tawdry magazines at St Vinnies yesterday ($2.50 for seven of them) to keep me company in my nocturnal solitude and was rather surprised to be reminded of the existence of 100Calorie Snak Paks  and clothes available in sizes beyond Tiny. I suppose I just tune things out a lot more when I'm living in places where it takes effort to understand what is going on around me.  I found two pairs of really funky boots at the Salvation Army as well, both in my size (that would be Super Ginormous) and tried on some trousers that were Way Too Big. Shit. In Shanghai, NOTHING is as big as me, muchless TOO BIG. In Turkey, I was at the top end of available. Here, I'm solidly in the middle. The boots rock though. $13 for both. Better than the fakes market on Nanjing Road. 
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