Mar. 6th, 2010

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 It seems to be the winter monsoon again. Instead of the hot and steamy June plum rains, we seem to be in the midst of the grim and grey and freezing March rutabaga rains.  Ms. Mu at work says it will rain like this until at least next Tuesday.  It would be easier to deal with if the Rutabaga Winds didn't blow your umbrella inside out or if the all the sidewalks and all the  roads weren't covered with several inches of rainwater. My shoes and my feet have yet to be warm and dry for any length of time. My jean cuffs are saturated. 

Today we ventured out after breakfast noodles (extra bok choy and cilantro) to Longyang Lu in deepest, darkest Pudong, to Metro Hypermarket for some winter-friendly consumer goods. We are now the proud owners of a freaking awesome, sturdy, clay-pot lined slow cooker. It wouldn't look out of place on a farm house kitchen table. All the stops on the knob were in Chinese so we enlisted a lovely clerk to do a compare and contrast translation from a crappier one that happened to have bilingual labelling.  We also got a spiffy new coffee grinder so we won't be at the mercy of the fickle pre-ground filter coffee fairies, a huge bag of organic barley (stew!), a big bag of loose flower/fruit tea for me to drink at work (it looks like a very nice pot pourri), and lots of odds and ends that will all add up to cozy meals. Not that we're cooking today. No. After our month away back home, today has been reserved as a wholly catch up day- Lanzhou noodles for breakfast, spicy Hunan for lunch at Di Shui Dong and tonight will be a brand new half-opened Mexican place that apparently brought a Mexican ambassador to tears over the resemblance of their particular beans to his dear old mother's.  Nom nom.


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