Jan. 31st, 2010

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 My first two attempts to get into this site had me bewilderingly redirected to the Washington Post website.  Seeing as I've never actually had any bookmark for such Post, nor any search for it, finding it as a default for my lj Home and lj Friends is quite odd.  However, odd is no stranger to my life so I'll just accept it and go back to drinking my coffee and thinking about writing. It's 5:55am and I woke at 5, which is a record for me so far in my circadian arrhythmia.  I woke at around 4 yesterday, only to discover that a big huge eye-crunching headache had awoken along with me. An hour or so later, I also discovered that my body fancied a day of head-to-toe nausea and hall-dash barfiness. I spent the day on the sofa under blankets feeling utterly crappy.  Today, I feel better. 

This is what I'm listening to:

I am working on my Brand New Mac, which is thrilling beyond belief. My old faithful had been spinning its rainbow wheel of death with great regularity and I spent much of my time battling the automatic mirroring to keep my hard drive at an acceptable 5 gigs.  It's still in Shanghai with D., to be used in the future just for downloads and backgammon, while this one- so shiny! so pretty! so fast!- can handle all my powerpoint and word and excel nonsense from work and all my photo-manipulation and Sims and whatnot.  

Coffee refill time.


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