Jan. 19th, 2010

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 Because I've had about a week in no-class mode (by that I mean not teaching, rather than tasteless and tacky) so my circadian rhythms have nudged themselves back into what they think is a normal body clock setting, forgetting that I had to be up at my usual godawful early time to come in for the final exams today. I didn't sleep until absurdly late o'clock in the morning and I'm tired. Three hours of invigilation (for which I have a large take away cappuccino and a copy of Colin Thubron's The Lost Heart of Asia) followed by the marking of four hundred million brazillion exams, all of which should be marked today as term marks need to be in this week. 

On my walked to the metro in my baggy eyed stupor this morning, I was tailed by one of the Huaihai Road construction fellows going to work (hi-ho!) with shovel over his shoulder and an awful lot of crap in his lungs, which he kept hoarking up and spitting at my heels. The sheer volume of lung detritus on the roads has increased exponentially with winter, to the point where I feel a bit nauseous walking and dodging the little puddle-lets on the pavement.

In other news, I finished marking the forty thousand bajillion term papers yesterday in a mad marathon between Wagas and home. I did three hours in the window seat at Wagas in the morning, with lots of coffee and a pain au chocolat (nomnomnom) then when I wore out my welcome there, I went home and did the last round of three hours. Sometimes I wonder what's going through the kids' heads when they are writing supposedly very important papers. Seriously- some of it was just utterly absurd.  Did you know that Australians NEVER cook their food ever? And that Chinese civilization is alternately 2000 years old, 5000 years old, and 10,000 years old? Did you know that a long list of geographic statistics separated by commas can go on for the entire 250 words required and be submitted as a compare-contrast research essay that should in theory have references (but didn't, even though it was ENTIRELY made up of data and the words REFERENCING and REQUIRED were pretty big  on the assignment sheet )?


Almost done.


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