Jan. 5th, 2010


Jan. 5th, 2010 09:53 am
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 It's really really absurdly cold today. As I walked the long walk to the not-near metro, my face hurt and fingers ached through my gloves and my core just shrank into a tight little quivery knot.  For whatever reason, Shanghai somehow manages to feel colder than Romania in mid-winter (which was -20C with ice on the inside of the window).  It isn't icy or snowy but it makes me ache. I miss my two duvets and bed-hippo and bed-elephant. 

Down to the last few days of classes- it would have been the last day of classes if they hadn't rescheduled the professional development course for next week rather than the end of this week. I'm scrambling to find relevant things to teach that don't require photocopying. We've done reflection-on-the-term letters to their September selves (regrets? I've had a few). I got a good giggle from how they addressed the letters:

Dear Former Harry...

From Current Harry

Dear Past Self

From Future Self

Dear Allen-in-the-Past

Yourself,  Allen (now)

We're working on identifying multiple intelligences today and how to adapt their learning patterns to better suit their styles. If anyone out there has ever taught a. Chinese university students or b. EFL students in a teacher-centred culture, then you're probably laughing out loud by now and slapping your knees in delight at my absurdly inappropriate task.  I have a multiple intelligences bubble chart and a self assessment quiz and a British Council podcast on learning styles and tactics.  The end task is for the kids to identify three goals they have for the next term (their own goals, not their parents') and to think about how they learn best and to critically assess how they might go about achieving these goals in a step by step plan.

Again, any university teachers/teachers in memorization-happy learning cultures, you can continue giggling. I just thought I'd give it a shot.

I am anticipating a whole bunch of  "I want improving my English. I am goal I will IELTS 6.5 on June and speaking foreigner and good writing. For this I will study hard! The End!"

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Fame strikes again at Tong Ji university! I'm up on the illuminated billboard for the second time this term. This time, it's a pixellated photo from the Christmas party, when I got roped into the balloon stomping game. I'm the one in the black tights and brown skirt second from left, flailing about.


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